Best free SEO tools for Bloggers

Best free SEO tools for Bloggers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important feature of website growth. You can use any of the tools in this list to recoup your lost rank or improve your ranking

There are countless tools that you can use to research keywords, review sites, and reduce the competition and that’s just the beginning. If you are optimizing your blog well, it will be listed on popular Searches and in popular Hunts and your traffic is going to continue increasing.

Best free Google SEO checker tools list for bloggers

Best free SEO tools for Bloggers

Google Search Console

The Google search console is a free tool that allows you to learn useful information about your website and visitors. It can also help you find and fix website errors, send a sitemap, and create and check a robots.txt file

The Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) has been useful to so many different kinds of people more than just webmasters. In May 2015, Google changed its name to be more inclusive of its broad array of users such as advertising professionals, SEOs Designers Business owners, and app developers.

Google Analytics will provide you with more valuable information about your website. It requires some time to familiarize the platform and learn its features. 

It's a good idea to use Google Analytics to find and understand your search behavior for an easier time. The data provided by Google may help improve your marketing campaigns better serve your target audience and attract more customers.

PageSpeed Insights Tool contains information in a clear and simple format that can be found from website to website. 

Google's Lighthouse is a set of web tools intended to improve site loading speed. The tool Powered by Lighthouse gives the information in a simpler form. Google released its update of the tool and is very much better than its earlier version. However, these tools became popular among the SEOs through PageSpeedInsights. You should learn something here. For more information on this product, see page speed and how it influences search site rank.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO will provide basic tips for making the most out of the plugin as well as your content. 

You can also download the plugin for free or install the free version of the Yoast plugin as well as the free version of the search engine guides you need. For further information visit

Ahrefs gives you an estimate that the month's traffic for the domain you analyzed

Many of the traditional tools that were dominant in search engines have disappeared. But some – like Ahrefs — still are popular. Today quality is as much as quantity and many tools still exist. Why they are still considered to be a key tool to getting top rankings in most searches.

The latter products make it easy to view country levels for a domain — notably Ahref thanks to a simple ‘wide area.  tools also work nicely in analyzing domains of course and get a lot of points for ease of use.

Content marketers face many difficulties including strategic analysis, concept writing, development, production of content, optimization, distribution, and measurement. Content marketing is very important with the use of the content marketing platform Semrush. 

Semrush helps us take our content marketing next step. Use data and automate some of your content efforts to produce better content quickly and provide measurable results showing your hard work has pay-off. Use SeMrush to improve your content production and to share information about your content with the support the platform provides.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer. Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results.

Search engine marketing can aid in many ways. They can help you create keywords ideas reveal how many people use a term in this search term, highlight trends, and show you how much competition you face in a certain phrase. Choosing the right keywords for your site to improve its ranking in Google would be like throwing a dart in a dark space without the aid of the proper tools and techniques. Explore tools for implementing SEO strategies in just one day.


MozBar Chrome extension is designed to help you beat your competition and send traffic to your website. MozBar assists in linking prospecting competitor research and provides metrics such as the domain authority ranking. 

Moz SEO bar is free. Learn more about MozBar and all its features using a web page optimization tool for the web browser. Find out how domain ranking counts when searching keywords for blog traffic?

Use Mozbar to perform competitor analyses. Learn how to join The MozBar free tool to find the most popular keywords for your website. Use it to monitor your website's domain authority against other websites' rankings.


For a search engine, WMS Everywhere will allow you to track the volume of the results, and costs by searching in search terms, etc from one place and a collection of search keywords. 


Quake is a free plug-in available to use on any website. It offers all organic research data for a single click. It is compatible with Chrome Mozilla Firefox & Opera. 

The plugin lets you see statistics for domains and home sites including Google index, Amazon Rank, SEMRush ranking data, and Facebook likes. Much more. It also provides other useful tools including a list of tools. 

One of the audits of SEO: 

1. Keyword density. 
2. External links. 
3. Social metric. 
4. Social indicators. 

For more information on using the free plugin visit this website and click on the link.


Ubersuggest is now free with a 7-day testing time but is still free to use in the USA. The scope of the analyses and research results is limited to the free version. Here's Uber'ssuggest's prices list. Now let's talk about this tool and its features and how it can help you find the best keywords for your search engine. 

User review: 5 % Tell me the best method to research and optimize keywords for websites? Our SEO experts tested the free* tool and our conclusions. For more information check out our website and look for it.

Types of SEO

Search engine strategy or SEO is a sophisticated process containing many types and functions. All types of SEOs aim at optimizing websites to get more traffic for a website. This post covers all the various SEO types a domain has which will increase its SEO visibility. Learn the different SEO types as well as why they're applicable. Utilize these techniques to improve the search engine visibility of your website.

On-page SEO

In 2020, Google ran over 60000 experiments and updated its algorithm more than 4,500 times. Google needs support in translating information that may be found in the future.

On-page search engine optimization can help Google find your site. And it increases your ranking allowing you to attract additional organic traffic which is good for organic traffic and better for search engine ranking and rankings.

Off-page SEO 

Typically matters about Google occur far away from my website. In fact, Pete Meyers of Moz said many internet site owners spend about 30% of their time on out-of-site factors. 

A brand mention on another Web site without a link is an integral element of Off-page search signals. People only cite citing references or share content they like. Even for the brick-and-mortar business that uses your technology, your customer will recommend it to them and the company would do an even better job. It would be easier for searchers to find you by providing relevant links that point directly to those pages.

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO helps search engines find and crawl your content without problems. Use our Technical SEO checklist to optimize your website. Utilize the Best Practices to follow and how to carry out a technical audit of your website using the checklist. 

After fixing your problem then there’s no need to deal with that again. Use your checklist to make it clear how to use professional SEO. Perform a technical SEO audit to solve any possible issues with your website before you have to again use our checklist to get those results back on the search engine crawl-engine search results page. Use this checklist to help to guide you to get a top spot on search engines.


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