10 useful websites for students.

10 useful websites for students.

If you are a student and want to increase your knowledge using the internet, then you should know about these 10 useful websites for students. On these websites, you can get information about the world, clear your doubts, study online, read books, and learn the language.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. here you can read articles on any topic. Wikipedia is used by many academics and students from all over the world.


Quora is a Q&A website where you can ask questions, get answers, clear your doubts, and share your experience.


wikiHow helps people to solve small and big problems. Wikihow is a database of how-to guides where you can easily learn how to do anything?


Grammarly is a writing assistant service based on artificial intelligence. This fixes the spelling of the text that you write on your mobile or computer and checks the grammatical mistakes.

5. Google drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service of google. Where you can store and organize your files, study materials, images, PDF, videos, etc.


This is a dictionary of the English language. Where you can learn about English meanings, definitions, synonyms, word origins, etc. This website will help you to learn the English language.

7. Google translate

Google translate is a language translation website of Google. Where you can translate in more than 100 languages.


Udemy is an open-source online course provider. Where you can learn designing, programming, marketing, personal development, business, etc.

9. Amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle is an e-reading platform where you can read download e-books, newspapers, magazines, etc.


Coursera is a global online learning platform. Which provides online courses from the top universities of the world. Such as Yale University, Michigan University, Stanford University, etc. Here you can learn the languages, programming, MBA, etc. And also get a certificate.

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