9 Proven ways to learn faster

9 Proven ways to learn faster

Learning faster can significantly enhance one's ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. Here are 9 proven ways to help improve your learning speed:

Whether you are a student, teacher, or employee of a company, we all have to learn something new every day. So this question comes to our mind how can I learn faster?

So today you will get your answer here.

1. Make your own study notes.

Make your notes by pen on paper. don't type on the computer. Because research has shown that we learn hand-written things quickly. 

So make your own notes of whatever you want to learn. Doing this will help you learn quickly.

2. Read aloud what you want to learn.

We learn quickly if we read in a louder voice than reading quietly. So read everything you want to learn with a loud voice.

3. Learn information in multiple ways.

Just by reading a topic, we cannot remember it for a long period of time.
If you want to remember what you have read for a longer duration, then try to understand that topic in different ways.

  • Watch videos and lectures related to it.
  • read it from the book.
  • Read it from your notes.

4. Connect what you learned with something that you know about.

Whatever you are trying to learn, try to relate it to the things that you already know.
By doing this, you will be able to remember any topic quickly for a long period of time.

5. Teach someone else.

According to the learning pyramid developed by the National Training Laboratory, "most students only remember about 10% of what they read from textbooks, but retain nearly 90% of what they learn through teaching others."

6. Use Flowcharts.

A flowchart is a graphical representation of any topic in step-by-step
If you want to remember any topic, flowcharts can be very helpful for you.

7. Revise what you learned.

Revise what you learn, because our brain starts forgetting a lot of things after some time.

8. Discuss with others.

If you want to learn anything well, then discuss it with your friends about that, this will give you good knowledge and clear your doubts on that topic.

9. Use brain breaks to restore focus.

When you get tired after studying, let your mind relax. If you think you will learn more by studying for more hours, then you are thinking wrong because taking regular breaks to remember for a long time is very important.

By incorporating these techniques into your learning process, you can improve your speed and efficiency in acquiring new information.

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